by Firewalker

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THANK YOU: Justice, Ryan Boone, Ryan Abbott, Andy, Dani, Angela Owens, Reid Haithcock, Dame, the Krimewatch Crew, Morton St. and Riverdale, Paula Martinez, Nick, and Mirce, Pure Disgust, G.L.O.S.S.
Jake, Ace, Gavin, and Julaya, Title X, and bell hooks, Angela Davis, Judith Butler, and Audre Lorde .


released August 3, 2017

Recorded and mixed by Ryan Abbott at Side Two, Summer 2016.

Mastered by Nate Patsfall.

Drums by Ryan Boone.

Photo by Reid Haithcock.


all rights reserved



Firewalker Boston, Massachusetts

Sophie - Vocals
Cecelia - Guitar
Rory - Bass
Nate - Drums

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Track Name: Loaded Dice
Every time I go outside
Someone always puts me down
Every time I roll the dice
Snake eyes always on the ground

I just can’t win
You always win
I just cant win

Say nothin’ and you’ll get taken
Speak too loud and you’ll get hated
You don’t decide what your fate is
So throw out the dice the board and the cards
Time to quit playing along
And acting like this game is not rigged
Cause I’m all done and this jig is up
Track Name: Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Now that we know that might don't make right
And that your bark is bigger than your bite
We will get rough and we're going to fight
If that's what you want we'll see you tonight

Those that might say that this can’t be done
Can get out my way while we’re having fun
Those that might try to put us down
Can get out my way and get out my town
Barking up the wrong tree
Track Name: Change
We’re not the new breed we’ve
been here everyday
You never cared much for us or
What we had to say
Your life is not the default
it’s from our loss you gain
For all these years you’ve silenced us
Now you’re gonna pay

I will not be changed
I will not be caged
I wont be afraid

You see us differently but we are still the same
You don’t fucking scare me I won’t be afraid
You can’t control me cause I will not be caged
Cause I don’t wanna be like you
And I will not be changed
Now get the fuck out of my way
Track Name: Something in the Air
Walking these streets living this life
Something in the air
Feels different tonight
No one better say a thing to my face
Or you’ll get a taste of my rage
One guy tried to holler at my friend
Someone said he winded up dead

Watch out
It’s our turn to shout 
We’re fighting back
Not getting had
Watch Out
It’s our turn to shout 
Changing the game
It’s your turn to be afraid

Everyday’s a battle
A battle that you win
It must be really nice to be
A straight white man
You may have won the battle
But you haven’t won the war
We’ll keep the fire raging
Until you even out the score
Track Name: Nothing Left
Sick of you walking the fence
It's just common sense
I just ask for respect
But for you I got none left

Don't got nothing left

Don't need your approval
l just wanna live my life
Maybe someday you'll open up your eyes
Not asking for praise
Just a baseline of respect
Don't ask me for patience
Cause I don't got none left
Track Name: Sicker Than You
You talk about unity between punks and skins
You don't know where unity ends or begins
You leave out half the people or maybe more
Call them groupies hangers on or whores

It's not the way things
Should be

"United we stand divided we fall"
Really fucking sick I think I've heard it all
Brotherhood's outdated bring it fucking down
Brotherhood's corrupt burn it to the ground

We're half the population
and we're sicker than you
Sick of all this shit that you put us through
Twice as angry twice as fed up too
Mentally tough twice as tight like glue
Track Name: This City
Everyone knows we running this town
If you don't you're getting shut down
You about to find the fuck out
It's happening all over the world
This goes out to all of my girls
You don't know but you heard

Wherever we go
Always we show
The odds are fucking testing
But this city we own

Don't let them say this ain't for you
Not gonna tell me what to do
You don't got nothing to prove
The things they take for granted in life
You should not have to justify
Doing the things that you enjoy
Track Name: Don't Cross Me
I hate it when you're not around
I hate it when you're here
I hate it that you just won't disappear

Don't cross me

I hate to think you're happy
I hate to think you're sad
It doesn't really matter
Either way it makes me mad

I wish I never met you I think about it everyday
How much better off I'd be
If you just stayed The fuck away
There's nothing I can do and nothing I can say
And nowhere I can go that's far enough away
Track Name: Scorcher
Don't wanna see you're face round here
Your presence here is torture
110 degrees in here
It's gonna be a scorcher

Down it flames
Up in smoke
Blacked out
It's gonna be a scorcher

Tough to say I don't apologize
For your misfortune
Beads of sweat drip down your neck
it's gonna be a scorcher

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